Paris Musées datasets

The Data&Musée project collects sets of data concerning Paris Museums.

This page gives a general description of this data, possibly with links to data access and a link to a more precise description page of the data.

Not all data is publicly available.

List of Paris Musées members and related data

FPM1: a list of museums in Paris Musées has been established. This is a JSON file that also contains the links to entities described in DBPedia, DBPedia-en, or Wikidata. It should be noted that some museums do not appear to be known from any of these three knowledge bases (these links were established semi-manually by an automatic search with human verification, then manually by the museums with no results).

File here:

Private link:

Guestbooks data

Electronic Guestbook data is available from 2016 (for partners). The 2019 data have not yet been observed.

For 2018, we have the following elements:

  2016 2017 2018 Total
Contributions 1450
(1374-fr; 76-en)
(7114-fr; 817-en; 86-es)
27644 37111
avec origine géographique 11734

Sample presentation: contributions per week

Private link:

See Données de Guestviews


Linked Open Data (LOD) and Paris Musées

See Données du LOD



As of 11/2/2019, a ticketing data file for the past week is uploaded each week on our NextCloud in the folder

/Sources/SourceParisMusees/Data Billetterie Paris Musees

There is one folder created at each upload, that contains a zip file of approximately 4 MB, representing approximately 50 MB when unzipped. The data is in csv format with separator ; and first line composed of column headers. The encoding is Unicode (UTF-8). A file has about 130000 lines.


Period 23/01/2019 to 23/06/2019
Transactions 773325

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